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how to grow croton gold dust plants

  • Gold Dust Croton Care: How To Grow Codiaeum Variegatum

    Direct sunlight from full midday sun can damage the plant. Being subtropical plants, Gold Dust Crotons require humidity. Mist the plants frequently, especially when potted and used indoors. Or plant the crotons outdoors near a body of water for optimal growing conditions.

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  • Croton Plant Care: An Ultimate GuideAmbius US

    Propagating a croton plant is best done with a 34 inch stem cutting. The cutting should have 35 leaves on it and can be planted in a small pot to start. Keep the plant in a warm environment ideally 7080 and maintain moisture in the soil.

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  • How to Grow Croton Gold Dust PlantsHunker

    How to Grow Croton Gold Dust Plants Step 1. Plant your croton plant in welldraining soil to prevent insect and mold issues.Step 2. Provide your croton with at least six hours of full sunlight each day to maintainStep 3. Water the croton at the first sign of wilting in the leaves,Step 4.

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  • How to grow croton in a containerGrowing Croton plant

    Many species of Croton light shade, partial shade, full sun to light many species will thrive. Take stem cuttings, The cutting should have three sets of leaves from the top. Place the stem into a container filled with Potting Soil. Then covered by a polyethene container so as to make the atmosphere becomes a greenhouse.

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  • Can You Grow A Croton OutdoorsLearn About Growing

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  • Croton Plant Care: How to Grow and Care for Croton Plants

    SoilCroton plants require rich soil. I use a combination of organic compost and peat moss. These plants require soil that drains well; they do not like to sit in a pool of water though, so the pot also needs to be able to drain as well. FertilizerFertilizing croton plants will encourage growth in these plants, but there is no need to feed them more than once a month. The fertilizer should be high in nitrogen

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